Anya’s (b.2000) photography practice has been greatly influenced by growng up home educated on an off grid eco Community, the always changing environment and seasons have trained her own way of seeing the possibilities of light and texture.
She combines digital methods and analog practices to invent material for magazines, musicians, brands, and galleries.

Some works involve alternative processes to unite obscure and unlikely materials. Particular commissions are realized through multiple interventions in her darkroom.

Outside of the darkroom, she dives into the realm of the bright, and sometimes blurry.

During the summer months, Anya focuses on the music scene, having developed a processing method that gives her ‘clean’ images an organic dreamy nature.

Within her personal work the themes often address routine, repetition, and ritual through tactile commitments.

When focusing on her ‘clean’ or ‘messy’ style she maintains the importance of reworking finished works through

continued experiments and savouring mistakes.
She grew up on the land and has learned ‘Mess is the fruit’.

During the final months of her degree (2023), she and 7 other photographers set up BRAW darkroom: A place for creating tactile work, educating those wishing to use antiquated ways of working, and coming up with new ones! Located in Peckham, London.

In the summer of  2023, Anya graduated from the London College of Communication with a 1st class honors in BA photography.

London/Devon based.



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Group shows

2023 - Braw x Satellite , Peckham, London

2022 - Coping Through WIP, Copeland Gallery, London

2022 - Treehouse, Safehouse 1, London

2022 - Split Milk, St Johns Collage, Oxford

2021 - UAL pop-up, Staffordshire Street Studios, London